Monday, 1 April 2013

Lino prints, bottles, business cards and painting!

I haven't blogged much recently, so I thought I'd do one combo blog post with some of the things I've been working on lately. (Apologies in advance for the photos, but I can't scan things at home!)

First of all, here are some lino prints I did mainly because I had gotten a bit tired of painting, but also because I thought it'd be a nice medium to use for a bottle label and a bus ticket logo.

Prince Bolo with the finished bottle. He totally drank all the Wishwater though, so I'll have to make more.

I've also been working more on my pages for my Haroun and the Sea of Stories picture book, so far I've done two more double page spreads (which need scanning in and the text adding).

Last of all, my business cards arrived last week - all ready to be handed out at the final degree show, hooray!

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  1. Your business card is very charming, Ellen. But I think you can make more use of the back page like add your social media pages or QR code. It will boost your marketing, I can assure you. Good luck with the business! :) Retta@Turf Signs