Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Haroun And The Sea Of Stories - Roughs

I've started to work on some rough page ideas, starting with the part of the story where the sea is being polluted. Here's what I have so far, although I'm probably going to change the first page just so that it doesn't get too repetitive and hopefully make the drawings less terrible before going onto final artwork. Also I'm not sure about the sea at the moment ('wut, that's supposed to be the sea?' 'I know, right?')...

It's all going to get pretty bad on the next page, just as a heads up. 
As these are going to be pages for a picture book I like the idea of having this double page as one that folds out into a long sequence, kind of like this... -
With at least one more image of the sequence yet to draw! Something tells me I will regret this decision when it comes to all the colouring and photoshopping later, but present me doesn't care. 

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