Monday, 3 September 2012

More Character Project!

So, I have finally finished the character project we were given to do over summer. This project has got me trying techniques I've never used before, but ones I'd quite like to use again. As I found out today, I actually quite enjoy doing collage, something I don't think I've done since primary school. I think I might have to start collecting magazines and patterned paper now...

For my fourth character I chose Tove Jansson and came up with this after looking at a lot of Moomins comic strips!

This one was inspired by the work of Carson Ellis, who is best known for creating album art for The Decemberists and illustrating 'Wildwood'.

I think I struggled with this one the most, done looking at the work of Kathleen Hale. I have gained new respect for anyone who draws realistic animals wearing clothes!

And here is my final character design, inspired by Kate Slater (and also my trip to Edinburgh zoo to see pandas).

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